Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pidgin: Buddy List Window Resize is not Working

I am regular user of Pidgin Multiprotocol Instant Messenger (IM)
for Yahoo! and Gtalk IMs.
The buddy list window was getting wider and wider after several
uses. I tried to resize the window. But I was not able to do so.
Then I think to change the configuration file to resize the window.
The configurations are stored in ~/.purple/prefs.xml

I then, opened this file and searched for 'width'
The width in which I was interested is related to 'buddy list window'
i.e. look for section 'blist' and change the width variable according
to your need (I had set it to 300).
<pref name='blist'>
<pref name='width' type='int' value='300'/>

Save this file and restart pidgin and viola!!
This Works :)

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